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Tuesday —  David Waldman and Joan McCarter... Need we say more? We do? Oh well, okay:

Guo Wengui  (exiled Chinese billionaire) hid Steve KG Bannon (international hobo) on his yacht a while back. Their friendship has blossomed into a vast disinformation network of businesses, media platforms, local action networks, and Q-nuts fighting everything Biden and Chinese, while raking in the cash of course.

Andrew Giuliani has never held public office, but has sleazy duplicity in his DNA, as well as his resume, so he’s running for New York governor.

Governor Chris Christie, tears streaming down his eyes said, “Mr. Trump sir? May I please run for president in 2024?

The Trump justice department obtained a secret grand-jury subpoena to find out who was making fun of Devin Nunes.

 James O'Keefe procured journalist Tarah Price to perform $10,000 worth of journalism on Trump National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster along with a few FBI agents to discover just how deep their state went.

The FBI, CSI and NCIS get all the cool TV shows, but what about our young men and women out there each day fighting for our 16th Amendment? Who wouldn’t want to see cops tackling shirtless rich white guys each week?

A guy hid in a trunk to fire a weapon at a woman at an abortion clinic. An anti-abortion protester shot at him. Who was the good guy here, and did they have a gun?

House Republicans were delayed waiting for Elise Stefanik to make their sandwiches right, but might be back on track today to put together a coherent infrastructure bill counteroffer to Democrats.  A bipartisan deal to form an independent Jan. 6 commission actually did happen, but Kevin McCarthy isn’t about to allow himself to get caught so easily.

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