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Kagro in the Morning

May 18, 2022

How will Madison Cawthorn ever go back to his North Carolina cocaine orgy life after two years rubbing elbows in DC? Who cares, he’s going. Chuck Edwards, whoever he is, gave Mads the key bump he wasn’t hoping for last night. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin drop off the takeaways on Tuesday’s primary elections. 

Cawthorn was an insurrectionist maniac, but that didn’t hurt him, as insurrectionist maniacs were the hot ticket for Republicans last night. Check out the results in Idaho, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, and this guy’s school district. Leading GQP contenders in swing states are running for election on their ability to overthrow electionsDoug Mastriano promises to overthrow anyone he disagrees with, and God willing, smite whoever’s in his way, which would include Trump if required.

Don’t expect Trumpists to ever go out of their way to help Trumpers. That just isn't how Trumpism works. Pro-Trump “electors” are named in a first-but-not-last-of-its-kind lawsuit in Wisconsin.  Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is backing away from his talk of election decertification. The Justice Department wants January 6 committee transcripts to move on its own investigations. Donald Trump keeps on being Trump, however. What does he have to lose?

Mike Flynn doesn’t really file a lawsuit to sue the people who didn’t prosecute him for prosecuting him.

Great Replacement theorists are afraid of Critical Race theory revealing their scam. Hungary’s Victor Orbán pushes Great Replacement in his opening speech. Ron Johnson pushes and denies GRT at the same time. Mitch McConnell la-la-la’ed himself through an entire press conference on GRT. The Buffalo GRT shooter shared his plans for months on the Discord app and no one reported him.

Nationalist Republicans want to make life hell for Mitch McConnell and Ukraine where Russia still claims to be winning, but something just doesn’t smell right with that.