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Kagro in the Morning

May 20, 2022

David Waldman empties Pocket for our KITM Friday News blow-out Special. Stock up now for the weekend!

You heard it here first, and because you did, you will hear it everywhere this weekend. The GQP in Colorado want a phony-bologna state electoral college to give them a chance of ever winning again.

House Republican Barry Loudermilk loves giving tours so much that he made one happen on January 5, 2021, as the January 6th Committee will show.

Dumbest MF in DC, Madison Cawthorn, is calling on his legions of darkness to wreak vengeance on those smart enough to betray him. Donald Trump loves vengeance, but is pretty dumb himself, and probably doesn’t have a clue who Cawthorn is anymore. Donald is now a big fan of third-rate grandstander Thomas Massie, whom he recently promoted to first-rate. Senior Republicans hope what goes around, comes around, sooner, rather than later for the Freedom Caucus.

Of course, many of the GQP are members of far-right Facebook groups. How better to cater to their far-right base? Republicans do need to temporarily say the quiet parts quietly, post massacre and such… Perhaps their culture wars weren’t the best bet after all, with anti-education initiatives going down at local schools, and Trump’s boy Perdue crashing in Georgia. (Sarah Palin will fix it).

Even Democrats can’t help themselves sometimes. Sean Patrick Maloney found himself redistricted into incumbent Democrat Mondaire Jones territory, which Maloney sees as open territory, but then the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee might not.

Vladimir Putin wants to make Russia great again, like 1654, or 882, whatever. You say Vladimir, I say Volodymyr let’s call the whole thing off.