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Kagro in the Morning - May 23, 2016

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David Waldman tries to pull our gaze away from the Trump train wreck and on to more reasonable concerns, but you know us.

Wait, Donald Trump is winning? Greg Dworkin explains how the Republicans are getting in line, but Democrats know that coalescing is boring, which is one explanation for the “lead narrowing” stories. Trump is rising, but so was McCain. Could the bruising of the primary fight hurt Clinton in the general? The Democrats are considering new rules to avoid “convention chaos”. Does Trump really believe the crazy stuff he says? Reddit's biggest Trump community fractures over right-wing extremism. Is the friction in both parties a sign of the future of the political parties relationship with voters? It won’t be the first break up in the Gop. Greg explains how voters and policies are converging, and why.  

Not everyone is going insane. Some catch on to the danger of accepting Donald Trump. Suburban swing-state white women don’t trust Trump. The NRA shoots itself in the foot, as the backlash is felt from its Trump endorsement. Overseas, immigration backlash is at the heart of the British push to leave the E.U. In Austria’s election, the far-right candidate and his rival are tied at 50%.

Bernie Sanders says he supports the DNC Chair’s primary opponent, but why would she want to stick around  anyhow?

Guns: Portable, valuable, and interesting to thieves.

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