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Kagro in the Morning

May 24, 2022

David Waldman catches us up on several items, including the continuing recovery efforts from collateral damage inflicted upon Loudoun County schools by the Glenn Youngkin’s campaign for Virginia Governor.

Walmart is recalling their Juneteenth ice cream, not for health reasons, but because of bad taste... Theirs, not their product. No shortage — plenty of yummy Juneteenth red food is still available!

Republican voter fraud was discovered in Michigan. Well, not exactly, but there was plenty of fraud committed by Republicans in order to get GQP candidates elected, so…

Shortly before the 2020 election, Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin saw the writing on the wall and formed the Abraham fund, destined to free billions of dollars out of the Middle East, right into their pockets. 

Joan McCarter returns to KITM after recently packing up and moving a few hundred miles west and a million miles left over to Oregon.

A new day, a new right lost to the perverse, illogical majority of the Supreme Court. Pressure to expand the Supreme Court grows, with abortion advocates joining the fight. Republicans stand up for Putin and price gouging, but against feeding babies. Joe Manchin might be a Republican, but he isn’t sure what he wants, outside of keeping Democrats from getting what they want. Without a filibuster his type would not be a concern.