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Kagro in the Morning

May 26, 2017

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David Waldman will probably do a Memorial Day KITM. Maybe he’ll record it, maybe the show will be live, who knows what David will do—the guy is as wild and free as the wind. One thing is certain: you will be stuck in traffic or forming burgers somewhere happy to tune into fresh illumination of the craziness around us… and by the way, there’s a new show today too!

Donald Trump, no one has been an uglier American in all history, believe me, is more than just a dumb baby, he is a national embarrassment. Der Spiegel (not The Speagle) pleads with us to get rid of Donald Trump

Of course Jared Kushner is the subject of an FBI investigation. I-told-you-sos are pouring in from everywhere, including KITM. David talks about how Kushner is now a focus in the Russian investigation, but concentrates in detail on Kushner’s casual corruption of basing his millions on squeezing pennies from people that need every penny to survive.