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Kagro in the Morning

May 26, 2021

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It’s Wednesday on KITM! There’s no show without David Waldman, and we all need Greg Dworkin to get through our day, but who’s finally back to grind his gears and offer expert legal and constitutional analysis, but Armando

One year after the death of George Floyd, and his legacy continues to unfold, perhaps even with Whites, although they can be a pretty dense crowd. Kristen Clarke was confirmed as the first Black woman to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division. The vote was a close one, however, as many Republicans weren’t certain that someone like her might overly favor, you know… “her kind”.

Donald Trump knew those Chinese were up to something. Of course, most of the time Donald was polishing their apples and loving their cake, but sometimes he was just “asking questions”. Trump just asked questions every single day of his administration (and before and after), so odds are good that he’d eventually run into an answer he found useful. Tom Cotton started the Wuhan Lab “question” and jumped it right up to a “bioweapon” question. Mike Pompeo was always big on questions, and so was a natural to lead a raid on Wuhan. With all the bad-faith inquiries, it was tough to spot the valid leads to follow.

Some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks. Most of them do it for their health and yours. Most mask wearers would answer nicely and politely if you asked them why. With the pandemic panic fading, fewer Californians are gathering tar and feathers for Governor Gavin Newsom, especially those voters considering the alternative.

The Maricopa fraudit is a joke, but we keep laughing at these idiots and they keep multiplying and becoming more dangerous. Except for Mike Lindell. We can probably keep laughing at him.

What is it that keeps Trumpers out of jail? Once again, it is up to Donald to lead the way. The NYC grand jury convened by Cyrus Vance might finally get the ball rolling. Bill Barr can’t cover for Donald Trump anymore… but wait, has Merrick Garland taken up where Barr left off?

In the Capitol, McCarthyism still runs rampant. Liz Cheney might like democracy, but she’s nobody’s friend. Paul Gosar used to have friends, before he started hating democracy. Right now there is little chance for any sort of reconciliation.