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Kagro in the Morning

May 27, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will… won’t… WILL be back on Memorial Day! Maybe. But they are definitely here today!

We are under a cloud of another mass shooting, or is it “beneath the shadow”? You’d think I’d have the idiom down, for how often it happens. By the way, it was the 18th mass shooting in California this year. It’s the 12th mass shooting in the US — this weekend. It’s time for harsh words!

Joe Manchin wants a January 6 commission, and for that matter, filibuster reform as much as you do, but if he gave them to you, you might leave him.

One of the January 6th Capitol tourists said he entered the Capitol that day to find his son a bathroom (Nancy Pelosi’s desk) and maybe pick up a souvenir (Nancy Pelosi’s decapitated head). 

Kremlin Cruz is full of exactly what you’d expect.

Donald Trump is fading away, as is QAnon, but if not for nutcases, Republicans would simply cease to exist. And, that is why MT Greene is the absolute, uncontested leader of the Republican party. It turns out that Greene is not the leader of the Democratic party, so they’d be happy to just get rid of her. On the other hand, militias never fade away, they just die… unfortunately they plan to take a lot of us with them.

So, what’s the chance the COVID-19 virus leaked from a lab? “50%”? Or, maybe “1%”? Who knows? What do numbers have to do with pandemics anyhow? It’s what the media thinks that really matters. Joe Biden didn’t trust Mike Pompeo, because who would? So, Joe will keep track this time.

Find an evil corporation, become a shareholder — success!

There was a plot to “Game of Thrones” the Middle East, and of course Jared Kushner schemed to be the Littlefinger for Ol’ Little Fingers.