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Kagro in the Morning

May 27, 2022

David Waldman brings us Friday, and it’s about time.

Today in Uvalde, Texas, the ones hiding under tables are the police hiding from accountability.

Uvalde had prepared for school shootings, just not one with scary guns and real bullets. Uvalde’s cosplay cops aren’t paid to face danger as if they were some elementary school teacher”, you know. Last Tuesday the “serve and protect” part was self-serve.

The cops aren’t the only ones running for cover. Lee Greenwood, Larry Gatlin and Don McLean will be singing somewhere more patriotic than the NRA convention. Massacrer’s brand of choice, Daniel Defense, won’t be attending either. Fox News is taking any suggestions on what or who to blame for the next few days. The scum of the earth left to attend has been distilled down to the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

If you want to blame anyone, blame Antonin Scalia. Most blame for most things will fit.

With Madison Cawthorn going and Herschel Walker not quite here, the dumbest person in Congress mantle moves over to Lauren Boebert. There may be reasons Boebert is so ignorant sometimes, but no reason she can be that ignorant all the time. Sports fans can’t keep numb and dumb with the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees chasing them into Twitter with gun safety facts.

No one can tell David Waldman how to pronounce words! Actually, this guy did and it went just fine.

There’s more! The DOJ is interviewing Georgia Republicans for their fake elector probe. Finland is winning the war on fake news. Colombia’s ambassador to the United States says Russia isn’t done meddling in South America.