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Kagro in the Morning

May 28, 2021

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It’s Friday! Time to get down with a looonnng weekend... trimmed back to a more pragmatic two days with our upcoming Memorial Day KITM. But first, help decide which Frappuccino David Waldman will drink on the air next Monday morning! Write your recipe on any 20 dollar bill and send it to KITM World Headquarters no later than this Saturday to qualify! 

The Senate is already slamming their briefcases shut and heading for the door, a handful of votes short of actual governance. China will still be there when they get back

Ron Johnson and Mike Lee stuck around last night to make everyone pay for sticking around last night.

The Arizona GQP hired Cyber Ninjas for their fraudit, because doing the job correctly was no one’s priority, Cyber Ninjas accepted, because they knew their agreed to price was a fraction of what they’d net

The Trump vs. Cheney fight is a battle for the soul of… JK! There is no soul!

Matt Gaetz promises to be a fearless leader of the future revolution... over Mr. Trump’s dead body, wink. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend hopes to end her walk of shame over at FBI headquarters.

Foster Friess fries… or freezes? Well, like any woman he had control over, Foster no longer has a choice.

Russia won’t let Air France fly into Moscow, and Air France will cancel Russia flights because everyone knows Belarusian skies aren’t friendly.

Government insurrectionist Proud Boy wants his government checks to keep coming.

Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos is hiring former cops to investigate the election, not to find lawbreakers, but to help create new laws to break.

Can Democrats save democracy before it’s totally lost? Why would you think so?