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Kagro in the Morning

May 31, 2017

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David Waldman’s refrigerator is still on the fritz. It looks like probably the covfefe stopped up, and those are hand-woven to order, so it might be a while. While David consulted with his team of appliance specialists, KITM was kept on the air by the combined talents of Greg Dworkin and Armando, who covfefed the covfefe out of that covfefe.

When you thought you couldn’t dislike him more, Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris climate accord. Actually, it is hard to like Trump less, so the importance of American support for issues such as the Paris climate accord and against the roll back of the birth-control mandate for employers needs to be measured in the voting booth. Why key state polls were wrong about Trump. The Gop puts effort into getting people to like Elizabeth Warren less. The Republican party gives up everything and jumps on the Trump train. Meanwhile, progressives shake up Virginia politics, and a liberal blog called Daily Kos is the Democratic Party’s new kingmaker.

Virginia seems to have figured out how to enact voter ID laws without violating the Voting Rights Act or the Constitution, although the intent remains voter suppression. A Pennsylvania Patriot visiting our nation’s capital finds his liberty to keep and bear arms very infringed.