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Kagro in the Morning

May 31, 2022

David Waldman ends the month and begins the week, sort of, getting us back on track from the weekend.

The Uvalde Chief of Police hadn’t yet been sworn in, and that was scheduled for this week!  What luck! Almost no one has luck that bad.

The Uvalde massacre didn’t happen to him, or his kids. It didn’t even happen in his country, and yet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau understands the need to freeze handgun sales and buy back assault weapons. Republicans see Canada turning into some sort of New Zealand-like hellhole right before their eyes, and vow to never let it happen on their watch.

Are guns more important to Republicans than their own kids? Well… more important than your kids definitely. After all, that day will come when they will need to shoot their way through the pearly gates into the promised land. Supplier to massacres, Danile Defense, is religiously devoted to making money from all God’s children, be they military or simply military cosplayers. No one however wants to deliver more Americans into the arms of Jesus than Russia, the NRA, and Maria Butina, who have all been joined at least at the hips for a decade. The Moms Demand Action group has spent that decade trying to crowbar them apart, and actually have seen some success over the years.

Speaking of religion, the Big Lie is becoming an institution with its own bureaucratic ladder to climb. Entrepreneurs are finding it tough negotiating the byzantine protocols and following established norms.