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Kagro in the Morning - May 4, 2016

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David Waldman and KITM observes May 4th, the one day Star Wars fans get to talk like Sylvester the Cat. 

Greg Dworkin has the news and numbers out of the Indiana primaries: Cruz supporters head into Cleveland with the rest of the vanquished. Ted helped create the monster that devoured him. Ted Cruz could destroy the conservative movement with his next choice. Republican donors won’t give a dime to Trump.

Hillary Clinton has pivoted toward the presidential election, and is looking at positive data for her, and Democrats. It still won’t be a walk in the park, you know

If you prefer graphs and charts to aid in your political considerations, check out this trove of illuminating material from RAND. Do you prefer graphs and charts to aid in the contemplation of your own death? OK.

The first rule of the Cleveland RNC Convention? A) There are no rules. B) They would never change the rules. C) They will use Robert’s Rules. D) All of the above. The RNC hopes to provide the drama their audience craves. Trump might skip the next couple conventions. David spots RNC member Enid Greene , AKA Enid Mickelsen, AKA Enid Waldholtz.

The Republicans should nominate Merrick Garland while they still have a chance. Bill de Blasio nearly endorsed Bernie Sanders for president

NYC elections official suspended over primary voting issues.

Neither goodness nor gun ownership makes one bulletproof.

Oh, something about John Kasich

All this is pretty piddly when you consider a Canadian city is on fire.

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