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May the fifth be with you! Tequila would seem most fitting for the season, and the day, today. David Waldman and Joan McCarter serve today’s latest news and information up neat:

The French were coming down with COVID-19 back in December, long before it was “a thing”. The european strain seems to be more contagious, possibly explaining different infection rates in the our country.

Most Americans prefer not to give or receive coronavirus and are willing to keep it that way. Moscow Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, believes COVID-19 is just the price you pay for your employer’s freedom, and is devoting his time to protect that freedom. Mitch aims to guarantee those freedoms last into perpetuity with lifetime appointments for the judiciary, even if some already appointed have to have those cut short.

The Senate returns to DC. The House doesn’t want to, but isn’t sure exactly why, or what the alternative would be.

Donald Trump takes step after step after step to eliminate Democracy, and why not? Who’s stopping him? He might as well take Social Security with him too. No one came up with those ideas of Donald Trump's signature on checks, addressing cadets at West Point or being interviewed at the Lincoln Memorial. Donald’s helpless, people just boss him around.

Jewish clergy in Missouri, holding to the principal of "pikuach nefesh", or not endangering the lives or health of others, are conscientious objectors to being forced into spreading coronavirus and are demanding absentee voting status. Sean Hannity wants no one endangered if it might come back to bite him.

Dr. Amy “Action” Acton is an educated, expert, Democratic, Jewish woman with authority in Republican-run Ohio, so you know every loon in the state is gunning for her... some with real guns. Incredible loon, Ohio State Representative Nino Vitale is the kind you can spot a mile away, but still believes you and God need to see his face.

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