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Kagro in the Morning - May 6, 2015

Another awful GunFAIL story leads off. Dad checking himself out in the mirror with his gun accidentally shoots & kills his 6yo daughter. Greg Dworkin's top stories: Hillary's bold position on immigration, and; Jeb's disastrous polling in Iowa. Gop's reliance on older voters can't last. Christie still toast. TX freakout continues. Decline of pseudo-science, and backlash against Chipotle's GMO stance. Skelos family seems smart. Surprise! Hobby Lobby has stupid consequences. More money in politics, less oversight than ever. NSA's phone call searching technology. How the Sanders campaign can have an impact. Joan McCarter discusses these issues, plus Patriot Act maneuverings, Republicans scramble for a new ACA attack, how kos wrecks an old one, and the rural hospital crisis.

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