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David Waldman wishes us all a happy Cinco de Mayo! Wait... Well, TGIF! Wait... Oh well, it’s tomorrow somewhere... or maybe yesterday… Greg Dworkin joins us. Greg knows what day it is, and much more!

Millions are saying no to vaccines. What are they thinking? Journalists will try to guess for you, but are probably wrong. The truth is, more are getting vaccinated, and boosting Covid-19 vaccine production worldwide, and lowering barriers will continue to progress.

Heir to one of the least nice dynasties in US history, Liz Cheney, is as far from nice as people generally get. Her motivations in opposing Donald Trump can not possibly be what they seem on the surface. Nonetheless, it is nice of Liz to apply this long-overdue enema to her party. Not that they’ll thank her for it.

Liz Cheney is smart enough to see that Donald Trump is a has-been. (The New York Times has even been peeking out to see that the coast is clear.) The rest of the GQP are as dumb as Kevin McCarthy, who only lately has become dimly aware of the hammer coming down. William Barr might finally drop that stupid poker-face gag now. Flynn, Bannon, Manafort, Ivanka, and the rest of the gang just wish that blanket pardons were as real as their paper trail. Rouslan Riaboshapka, Ukraine's former prosecutor-general, can show he was fired because he crossed Rudy Giuliani. One way or the other, they are all going to jail.  As always, Donald deserves a bit more.

Rudy Giuliani still believes the check is in the mail.

Not just stupid, but crazy: The Arizona audit will continue to zoom and enhance until they see the answer they want. Florida suppresses voter rights, science, and free speech by burying them out in the glades. Fox News is allowed to watch, but they would rather see people die. The Texas Atomwaffen got their jollies off calling in bomb threats.

Norm Ornstein joined over 350 other scholars in sending a letter to the Senate encouraging filibuster reform. Norm and friends could learn a lot right here.

Rhode Island is preparing to redraw its districts, and KITM listener David Paquette wrote an anti-gerrymandering bill and will be testifying on its behalf, today!

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