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Kagro in the Morning - May 7, 2014

The morning's Twitter chatter: Lynn Cheney wriggles back into the "news." Greg Dworkin rounds up the methodical dismantling of anti-ACA talking points. How many Benghazis worth of Americans are Republicans failing to save by expanding Medicaid? Believe it or not, Benghazi chatter is down! And Greg's recommended tear-jerker read. Joan McCarter shared today's electoral news from NC and Columbus, OH, pondered Dem response to the new Bonkersghazi committee, and notes the likely pointlessness of today's ACA signups hearing, and the next round of fast food strikes. Is the new Bonkersghazi committee an admission that they've hit a wall? And a Georgia Republican says he'd rather have a terrorist attack than get searched by the TSA.

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