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Here we are into the way-too-many week of Presidential Apprentice...  While we wait for Donald to go on hiatus and the entrance of special guest President Mike Pence, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin catch us up on how the cool countries handle these things. It was Macron vs. Le Pen, and in the end the center held firm—also they oppose fascism. France held its election on the weekend, because they like voters there. France will now get back to business, hopefully without much self-distraction.

Back in the New World,  House Republicans go off the cliff, with their heartless health-care vote tied around their neck. They didn’t want to be in power anyway, so their loss of power should be welcome news, but still they would rather not talk about it. Unless you are interested in hearing lies, then they can talk. By the way, you’d never catch them drinking Bud Light.

Today the Gop is busy checking off their Sally Yates lies. (Note: some don’t like Axios.) They have to get through the lie list quickly, because Yates is due in committee this afternoon to straighten a few things out. Sally Yates doesn’t care who you are. Barack told Trump so.

Back to Trump Co. news. Even the dumbest Trump will tell you they get all the money they need from Russia, but the Trumps could always use more money. So, one day after Donald extended the EB-5 visa program, Jared Kushner’s sister picked up some quick quid-pro-quo selling investor visas to Chinese. Don’t blame the Office of Government Ethics about Ivanka Trump, no one asked them. Trump knows where you live.

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