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Sally Yates may or may not have smacked many gobs yesterday, but she kind of freaked Donald out, and that’s a good sign. Trump quickly withdrew his panic, as he’s one of those “cards close to the vest” kinds of guy. Trump actually isn’t at all opaque, yet somehow he manages to be incredibly dense. Sally Yates told him about Flynn. Obama told Trump about Flynn… and Donald thought he was joking.

What do you know, Comey’s testimony on Huma Abedin forwarding emails was “inaccurate”.

Sure the Senate can work something out with the House on Trumpcare. Short term wins probably look good to all of the Gop right now. Hundreds of Haitian Disney workers could be deported under the Trump administration. The white working class favor a path to citizenship for immigrants. It was cultural anxiety that drove white, working-class voters to Trump.

David Waldman explores “blue slips” and how two beats one or zero. Traditions are for saps.

Kushner towers in New Jersey wanted a tax break, but the local Mayor said it "doesn't work for us."

Jimmy Kimmel assumed that caring for the health and safety of children would be in all human nature, but finds that when you assume, alt-right a-holes can’t help but show up

Bob Owens, almost author of The Deplorables Guide to Guns demonstrated the efficacy and convenience of firearms for those with even a fleeting interest in suicide.

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