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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 1, 2013

Kos nailed it on Huntsman a year ago! Greg Dworkin brought us a great Friday roundup, including the revealing Q&A with two contestants in an Alabama Congressional special election primary, the bonkers Hallmark move to take the word "gay" out of "Deck the Halls," and the latest on ACA "winners & losers." Crazy stories from all corners today. How about the gun-wielding Tennessean who shot a teenager TP-ing a house down the street. Hey, stand any ol' ground you happen to see! Right? The mysterious "Google barges," and the weird position they've put the Coast Guard in. Ron Fournier sees that Republicans are twice as unpopular as the President, so they're both the same, and those supporting either one are crazy. Chuck Grassley makes his ACA amendment look even dumber and more convoluted. Plus, Republican Senators who voted in favor of allowing the President to raise the debt ceiling subject, then voted to disapprove of their own votes. And an interesting story from out of a Tennessee courtroom, where the government (i.e., prosecutors) formally object to being called "the government."