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David Waldman continues to lead the KITM resistance from his underground bunker (condo basement): Donald Trump wakes up with a morning rage over Chuck Schumer’s beauty. Chuck is demure, Jeff Flake demurs. Whether the program’s gone or not, Trump wants to get rid of it. The diversity visa program exists because of Republicans. The Irish have had a free ride long enough.

KITM has reported for months and today Greg Dworkin confirms Donald Trump is the Worst. President. Ever. Collusion? You bet. Somehow impeachment still leads over tarring, feathering, and pillorying in most surveys. Sadly, pollsters describe the Trump presidency as “young”. All of our leaders have flaws, Donald Trump’s seem most like Armstrong Custer’s going into the 2018 elections. Trump should not read his Gop troop’s silence as support. Trump’s staff figure he’s guilty anyway.  Speaking of guilt, Paul Manafort had multiple passports and aliases, for some reason. connects the hubs of the Trump Organization subdomains into Russia.

Opioid-related deaths continue to rise as Congress weakens the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors.

Joan McCarter rings in Obamacare open enrollment day! Sign up and save! Of course Republicans still plan to strip the middle class of health insurance and cut taxes for the rich, and the Children's Health Insurance program will soon go away completely if not saved soon. The American Bar Association tries to save the US from a future generation of unqualified judges.


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