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David Waldman is on the road again, going places he’s never been, seeing things that he may never see again, etc. Don’t worry! He recorded a KITM for today. In fact, he recorded it before yesterday’s show and throughout that show was dying to tell us about this show because it was so cool:

Congratulations to Devin Nunes, who has apparently given birth to a herd of little Nuneses. Kash Patel, Derek Harvey, and John Solomon probably aren’t cattle, considering all their ratf’ing.

Hey, remember the million times David warned you not to believe what the Donald Trump White House purports until such purportation produces paperwork? How about the several times David warned you that no proof exists that the Ukraine money promised to Ukraine was ever paid? Well, here’s proof that your tax dollars had to work extra hard to get into Ukrainian hands.

It looks like the FBI has a lot on Brett Kavanaugh that they could’ve told you, but that pathetic SOB cried so much the last time, they just didn’t have the heart. Congress might delay spending talks until… things are less partisan.

Ann Coulter is too stupid to know she’s an idiot, and justifiably bummed Trump stole her business model.

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