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Pour yourself a cup of coffee, find an easy chair, kick back and hit play on today’s KITM. Comfortable? You won’t be soon.

The only way to look at Roy Child Molester Moore’s story is in unflinching detail. Flinching—avoiding those uncomfortable details—is what people like these need you to do, in order to keep abusing. David Waldman cringes, shudders, gags a little, but does not flinch, devoting most of the show to Moore. Steve Bannon admits that journalists work at The Washington Post, while most Republicans go where you, and even they feared they would go. Flake and McCain have some humanity left, and Mitt Romney snaps out of Reek mode for at least a tweet.

There is some more happening in the world, and for you to consider over the weekend:

Trump was offered a handful of women when he was in Russia in 2013. His bodyguard didn’t get any, but might have been out grabbing burgers while Trump was grabbing some.

Hezbollah has decided that Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon.

Icahn haz subpoena.

The Trump voter fraud commission is sued—by one of Its own commissioners.

The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, too much efficiency to expect from this administration.

And—$30K raised for Juli Briskman, the woman fired for flipping off Trump motorcade!

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