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Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2015

David Waldman did not watch last night’s Republican debate. In fact, he couldn’t bring himself to even form the word “watch” last night.

Greg Dworkin watched, and has a lot to say about it, too:

So—who won the debate? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Elizabeth Warren? Everybody? Anybody? Nobody? All agree: John Kasich lost. Anyhow, a financial debate just frustrates and confuses them. Could any of them give Hillary trouble? 

Marco Rubio is starting to steal a little Evangelical thunder from Ben Carson. Why is that?

In Louisiana, “Liar, Cheater, & Stealer” Vitter bitter, calls debater “faker & hater”.

Armando calls in to further discuss the Mizzou University controversy, especially the confrontation between photographer Tim Tai and professor Melissa Click, and the aftermath

Joan McCarter visits, because a Wednesday without Joan is like a coffee cup without snowflakes:

The Gop debates featured a commercial attacking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Elizabeth Warren, who immediately fought back.

Cruz and Rubio try to out-crazy House Republicans on Obamacare. The House Republicans try to out-crazy each other , and the House tries to pull the Senate into the crazy over filibuster rules.


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