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Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2016

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David Waldman makes it to the weekend! How about you? If you are still with us, congratulations, and thank you. We’ll figure this out together. Join the fun!

Let’s see. Where did it go wrong? How about FaceBook? Rumors and fake news blew away newspaper endorsements, for sure. Mark Zuckerberg thinks that FaceBook users would be crazy to get their opinions from Facebook. Yes siree Bob! Is the Facebook Bubble rural?

Howard Stern told Trump that the presidential run was going to F up his life, but so far it only made him President of the United States. Trump fills the swamp with well-seasoned vermin.

So, Why settle for more? Pick up some light reading this weekend. Megyn denies passing Trump notes, although maybe Trump passed Megyn a mickey.

After the weekend, hold your kids tight before you send them to school. Kids have to reach way back to their grandparent's slurs, now that America is Great Again. Maybe DT will tweet something. Meanwhile HUAC returns for their parents.

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