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David Waldman doesn’t close KITM for Veterans Day, a day for appreciation and support for veterans and military families, and as for Donald Trump… well, there’s a parade

Veterans triggered Don Jr. that time he thought about them. Junior triggered his own base at his own book signing.

For quite some time now, Greg Dworkin has been chanting “Build the wall! And... my patio!” at a not-so-secret, or even remotely quiet society of masons. The whole gang skyped in today to help count down those moments before the impeachment public hearings are gaveled in.

When Presidential Apprentice goes primetime on Wednesday, they need to remember their audience. Republicans will bring the conspiracy theories, the witch hunts, and the stupid, but that isn’t what most people will be tuning in for. It’s up to the hearings to answer the questions the public wants answered. Trump would rather have a parade.

Republicans in disarray™: Peter King figures now is as good as time as any to hop ship and swim for shore. Chuck Schumer will miss his BFF. The remaining rats start to eye each other. It’s Mick Mulvaney vs. the Bolton faction, the suburban vs. the rural base. The Democrats are okay with this.

Of course, Democrats are always itching for some disarray themselves. Will they be able to hold it together for Elizabeth Warren? For 2020, Michael Bloomberg answers the call no one is making

We told you those Giuliani boys were up to no good. The Colludy Clan keeps adding members. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, then David Correia, and Charles Gucciardo, and now, connecting all of them and moreChristianné L Allen!

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