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David Waldman presents KITM’s Carefully Curated Content Tuesday:

David gives an A for effort to the surprisingly plausible, highly improbable paths people find to remove Donald Trump from office. One might work someday! If Trump ever leaves the Presidency, New York courts could be a problem. For the moment, however, Donald continues to fight corruption around the world. No one wants to help him, but he’ll make do, and his friends will make money, Russia will thrive, and if you don’t love it, leave it.

Rudy Giuliani’s buttocks, endowed with his greatest share of technical aptitude, attempted to transmit an internet password to a journalist, which ended up revealing another member of the Colludy ClanCharles Gucciardo, along with the multi-talented jet-setting, gun-porningpseudo-evangelical, Butina-level dot-connectorChristianné L Allen. 

Hey, want some good news? The Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in their lawsuit against gunmaker Remington!


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