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David Waldman welcomes us to Week 43 of Presidential Apprentice. (Let’s hope that it becomes a count down soon.)

Keurig owning Hannity fans think they are owning Liberals. The good news is that there are more and more things for them to buy and destroy to get our attention.

There aren’t any 14 year old girls working in government, but recently Roy Moore has inspired many Republicans to cover their behinds. As Moore and other abuser’s behavior was common knowledge, but without justice, abuse victims would wait decades for them to just get old and die. However, women are coming out all over now, and as expected are being punished for it, including Roy’s accusers.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls on Alabama, which look good, but expect a lot of people to expose things you’d never want to see in the privacy of their voting booth. Evangelicals are more likely to believe powerful over powerless, men over women, Putin over some Lib. We have had recent successes, but still have plenty of hurdles, from gerrymanders, to racism, etc. to overcome.

Robert Mueller has 17 federal prosecutors on his team, because right now that is what he believes he needs. Watch for that to change. Ivanka and Jared have a lot more money than you, but maybe we should pity them or something? The Gop’s top priority is too make sure Trumps hold on to more billions.

In the history of people, China has never seen Donald Trump. Trump Tower is pretty big, but Sean Spicer just had to go to the floor he should never go to. A Trump judge nominee has never tried a case, but has won approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here is how the White Nationalist communities wreak online havoc and spread propaganda.

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