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It looks like we’re doing this.

We understand you could be watching the Impeachment hearings right at this moment, and we know you have many podcast choices available to you, so on behalf of the crew and capt. David Waldman, thank you for flying KITM:

Today, Donald Trump will hang with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. (Well, not literally. Maybe someday.) Who knows what they’ll be talking about. Really, who knows… what language do they even speak?  Trump is developing into a moran, and a moron, and a maroon. However, Ivanka exceeds the five-year plan goals, by creating 14 million jobs... for China maybe.

What? Stephen Miller is a white nationalist? So, Ilhan Omar, and just about everyone in the world picked up on the subtle clues, huh? OK, then. That, and he wrote it out in emails. Next you’ll tell me he’s really bald. Unlike his hair, Miller’s not leaving soon. He’s the brains and soulless-soul of this White House. The South might still rise again.

Greg Dworkin asks Donald how’s that chaos working for him now? The cage is getting a little tight for Trump’s White House rats, and is getting tighter by the minute as voters watch the hearings, and Roger Stone’s trial. As Donald remains infallible, only his supporters can let him down. Lindsey Graham begs us to look away.

Is anyone paying attention in the White House? Does anyone there care about what is happening anymore? Mina Chang made it into the senior levels of the Trump administration on an almost completely fictional résumé including yet another fake Time magazine cover, and who cared?

Up and coming resume-padding jet-settinggun-porningpseudo-evangelical, Maria Butina-level dot-connectorserial entrepreneur Christianné L Allen is home schooling and flying to California and "interning" in New York and starting a marijuana business and reality TV show in Nevada and is la porte-parole for Rudy Giuliani… Did she stun’em at Scaramucci’s Hunt & Fish Club?

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