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David Waldman unloads the dump truck of our discontent:

So, you know there was another mass shooting... friends, family, gone forever. Donald Trump feels your pain… No, he doesn’t even give AFThoughts and prayers! If you think he can’t get more detached, just wait until the next one.

Donald Trump returns to the US, apparently an Asia fan, but that could be the “heat of the moment”, “only time will tell” who ”the sole survivor” is, uhm...

And yes, there’s more on moron Moore each day…  For instance, when did Roy Moore quit being a pedophile? Greg Dworkin tells us GoOPredators are having second thoughts on Moore. Concerned Republicans would like us to consider the President’s actions—no, no, too soon, back up a few terms maybe. That’s too bad, because Democrats have recent examples of how to handle these things. Why do such nice guys end up molesting children? Not voting Moore in will be easier than expelling him later.

On an upbeat note, Greg brought some happy polls with him. Maybe Trump’s election was a fluke? Right now Donald loses to the no-name brand and even some Democrats people know! Democrats grab the Albuquerque mayoral seat back in a blowout!

Polling shows voters believe Trump will benefit from the Tax plan. Where would they get that idea?Well, if you didn’t have that idea, you haven’t been paying attention to Joan McCarter: Republicans are ditching their rule making it hard to hike people’s taxes, because they’re about to hike people’s taxes. They are trying to slip Obamacare repeal into their tax plan, apparently because it’s too popular. The rush is on to take cut taxes for the rich, cut $25 billion from Medicare, and eliminate the Children’s Health program.

The Constitution is as alive the Supreme Court wants it to be.

Mueller doesn’t have it so tough when criminals clearly label their crimes.

Open carry swords and machetes in starts in Texas today!

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