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Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2016

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It could be worse. It will probably get worse. But now is the time to start fixing it. 

David Waldman relates the latest kicks in the teeth: A lot of nonvoters are mad at the election results! Trump lied, people died, now this guy is commerce secretary? Here’s how bad it is. Steve Bannon wants you to get used to his level of corruption quickly. The press will figure it out in 10 years or so. Italians somehow feel schadenfreude

Greg Dworkin helps with the latest thinking on how to move forward. The nation is sort of split on this, but no mandate.

Firings! Discord! Disarray! Stasis! And, some panic. Who do you believe, the lyin’ media or Twitter? Well in that case, good bye media. This administration is not the smart place for smart people to be. Our side plans to become more aggressive, probably. They are thinking about it. Chuck Schumer may not be thinking about it. Will The Constitution save us all? Time for 25th Amendment remedies

It sucks when the best news Joan McCarter has is that maybe Lindsey Graham and John McCain are our best chance for justice. Mitch McConnell might nuke the filibuster. Lindsey Graham, again, might hero up. Paul Ryan returns, ready to erase Medicare. You can bet women's health care is not going to survive.

Remember when we were horrified by something like a teacher being accidentally shot in front of her class?

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