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Snow Day! David Waldman rousts his kids (who seem identical to my kids, probably yours too) out of bed and out the door, hosting today’s show from the hallways and stairwells of KITM Worldwide Headquarters:

You can tell when Donald Trump is lying when his lips move. Reporter Daniel Dale is busy counting Trump lies almost as fast as Trump can say them. Someday computers might be able to track Donald’s lying in real time, or maybe we could just have this reporter interview him now.

Two out of two spouses agree: Michael Avenatti is being framed for spousal abuse.

The case could be made that Matt Whitaker never met Donald Trump, but that would be a shame, considering their shared love of scams and crappy products. But now, it has become love at first sight.

To cool off the heat on the Saudis over that little Khashoggi dismembering, The US floats a corpse exchange with Turkey. The problem is, our corpse is still a living green card holder in Pennsylvania. A Turkish group has shown it can play hardball with Trump Hotels if they need to, to get their way.

It seems that the Mueller probe has bagged so many in the Trump administration that it has moved on to the Cheney administration.

Melania Trump spent $174,000 in Toronto, and $95,000 in Cairo hotels. She didn't stay overnight in either.

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