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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2014

Greg Dworkin helped get us up to speed with his roundup of one of the latest election postmortems, the role of tax policy in our growing inequality, Obama's departure from the demanded humility narrative, and David Jarman's reminder that, "You win elections to enact policy, not the other way around." Plus, the start of a week-long NatGeo series on the science of "personhood," and the nurse who never had Ebola would like you to stop calling her the Ebola Nurse. Armando joins an extensive discussion of CNN's scoop, "How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws." Another "Imagine the Outrage if" story, as Orrin Hatch calls progressives "straight old dumb-ass liberals." There's no Official Progressive Outrage Machine, though, so never mind. But might that be a good idea? Is AOL's "Digital Prophet" just a random nut and no one will say it?

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