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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2015

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Republicans want just a little less rights for one religion that is just a little less than theirs. The Governors will protect us (like they did from Ebola)! The press asks—and asks, asks, and asks why won’t the President do what he’s been doing all along?

Greg Dworkin points out the idea was the same in 1939, wonder what happened to those kids? Latino voters also note the Gop mean streak.

The world unites against ISIS, but along the front lines few define their support in the same way.

After Paris, US movie goers from the left and the right unite in demanding heavily enforced gun-free zones.

Stingray phone trackers, capable of taking information from your phone, as well as block your calls, and track your activity, wouldn’t be used on you, of course, just bad guys. Which is why they are on the wish list of local police departments.

Ben Carson, a very bad boy now reformed, has been revealed doing more bad things in his past. This time plagiarism, which you know got the attention of Plagiarism Today.

Plastic Microbeads, once in toothpaste and body washes, do not go away, and so have eventually gone everywhere, including Chinese sea salt.

If you are a terrorist and would like help, there is a 24 hour Jihadi Help Desk.

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