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Technically, there may be a “better” day than today to release the pee-pee tape, but I don’t feel it.

On today’s KITM, David Waldman serves us more tongue for brunch. Republicans, who seem somehow less repulsed by Moore tongue than Franken tongue, stood united with Democrats in revulsion. Roger Stone, usually tough to offend, was offended even before the news broke. Things moved so quickly that people taking time to confirm facts were seen as taking sides. In fact, maybe pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 should be checked for context, or even broken takes.

Feminists discuss whether women’s equality is principal or situational. Women’s inequality is definitely institutional, and enshrined in Evangelical circles. Fox finally draws the line.

The Alabama Governor refuses to let the special election get less Strange.

None of this distracts Robert Mueller—Yay!  Jared Kushner realizes that if one is to have a Russian backdoor overture, a dinner would be expected.

Have Republicans gone crazy? They can’t seriously be thinking of passing this thing, can they? It’s in their DNA, it’s what they are going to do. Orrin Hatch comes from “the poor people” but that was then. Grover Norquist has also moved on.

Republican state law enforcement chiefs know what side their bread is buttered on, and where to get the most beautiful chocolate cake.

Voter fraud is real, people! (and Republican)

Ryan Zinke makes sure the Department of the Interior has the nicest interior ever.

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