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Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2015

It is time to address the Syrian Refugee Freakout, and that is just what David Waldman does today — aided by the full KITM all-star lineup: Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter!

But first, the polls are out and Greg Dworkin has got them:

Carson slowly falls, Rubio slowly rises, Donald Trump’s demise is postponed for a while. How is the big picture been changing? Bye Bye Bobby — he had a number of reasons to go back to Louisiana.

Top Carson advisor knows Ben Carson is no rocket scientist when it comes to foreign policy.

Military leaders concerned that Washington hasn’t learned a thing from previous wars.

Republicans defiant in their plan to throw out the jews deny refuge to Syrians, which does not seem to be a good long-term plan

David and Armando review an article by Kevin Drum: “Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refugees”. If mockery is off the table, how does one confront the unconstitutional, un-American, illegal, impossible “positions” that won’t change anything, would make things worse, and aren’t actually policy proposals, but pure unadulterated bigotry without being called on to “reasonably compromise”  with blatant immorality

Joan McCarter joins the discussion: Republicans are laying the groundwork for a government shutdown to prevent any funding for a refugee resettlement program. In fact they have recently attached policy riders to many spending bills vowing to shut its borders to people fleeing political persecution, violence, famine, and abject poverty based on their religion.  

Mitch McConnell isn’t letting xenophobia get in the way of misogyny. Is Gop hatred of Obamacare bigger than all concerns? Or can it just wait?

The Koch Brothers have a spy program — to spy on liberals.

Want to be as smart as Einstein, but don’t like big words? Here you go.

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