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David Whiz-Bang Waldman and Greg Razzle-Dazzle Dworkin bring us the latest slam-bang news:

Donald Trump is dead. Want another opinion on that? Ok, Donald Trump is dead again. What lengths would Donald go to, to get out of responsibility? And, that isn’t the worst thing to happen to him last week. Trump lost two of three gubernatorial elections in Southern red states, with the latest in Louisiana. This week, Trump will just wish he were dead.

70% of Americans say Trump’s actions tied to Ukraine were wrong, and more and more of those Americans are Republican, so Donald and the Trumpers take the scam on the road to attempt to create a firewall. The Republicans are in disarray on Ukraine, on Marie Yovanovitch and soon on the military, and Marie Yovanovitch might be the last time riding and dying with Donald Trump manages to carry any moral weight with anyone.

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman wanted to have a correct transcript of Trump’s Ukraine call, but so far we haven’t actually seen any transcript, reconstructed, doctored or otherwise. The “new” first conversation with the Ukraine President wasn’t “new” or even the “conversation” they had, but kind of the one his staff hoped Trump would have. The effort put into searching for a G7 site turned out to be lies with Doral a ringer thrown in at the last moment.

Mike Pompeo can’t lie enough to please Trump, while Pence aide Jennifer Williams finds she can’t lie anymore. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham wonders why people don’t take note of those plenty of times she told the truth. Kurt Volker made plenty of truthful testimony to Congress, just not in comparison to other witnesses. It turns out that Adam Schiff is picky about those things.

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