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Kagro in the Morning - November 19, 2014

Greg Dworkin spends about 12 seconds on Gruber, then moves on to the nearly inexplicable KXL pipeline vote, immigration reform issues, and the Republican Love Boat sees starbursts for Scott Walker. Explaining the "painless filibuster" procedure used for the KXL vote. The mainstream breakout of the Bill Cosby story. Uber's PR implosion grows worse. Joan McCarter joined us in slapping our foreheads over Uber, before moving on to her insights on the lame duck agenda, continued Gop obstruction, and the price we paid for Landrieu's gambit. Next, a little on-air constitutional law war gaming over recess appointments. Shutdown strategery speculation. Elizabeth Warren wants banks to prove they're protecting customer data. (Any 2016 implications?) And finally, some hot scoop on net neutrality from Vice.

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