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It used to be simple. Donald Trump could say anything he wanted, the director would just yell “Cut! Cut! Cut!” and then they’d all do it again until the Donald was the hero. Oh, how Donald misses those days. He’d make a tremendous decision, and after the commercial it’d be done. Now it’s so complicated and nuanced!

David Waldman and you love nuances. Well, not “love”, exactly, it’s complicated. But whatever that emotion is, that is what drives KITM to fill two hours with whatever it does.

Greg Dworkin has your nuance right here. Trump is apoplectic as his allies fear impeachment. Trump is tranquil as he is not under investigation, as you know. Congressional Republicans are not carrying Trump’s water, at least based on roll call correlations. Red state Democrats are not just willing, but eager to work with Trump on taxes. So, don’t expect tax reform to swing the 2018 election. Ed Gillespie will tell you anything if it will elect him. Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to Nancy Pelosi. Paul Manafort is not just the sum of his indictment charges, he’s much worse. The Justice Department is considering charges on at least 6 Russian officials for DNC hacking, but the DNC was just one of Russia’s targets worldwide. Terry McAuliffe does not mince words.

Suddenly, Donna Brazile has gained a huge new fan base of ardent supporters of her forthright virtuous trustworthy truth-telling. David spends the rest of the show searching for a more nuanced word than “rigged”.

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