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David Waldman continues his struggle with that new-fangled Skype, which seems to get even more fangled every day.

Greg Dworkin calls in to talk politics, and to be embarrassed with most Americans over Roy Moore and Donald Trump. Roy Moore is out of control, Evangelicals have gone wild, but the Gop still hopes to keep it barely legal. Alabama seems to be developing a moral center, but next month seems so far away, let alone 2018.

Donald Trump, immoral in so many ways, also turns out to be incompetent, which you’d think would make him toast. Never-Trumpers can’t agree on anything but that. Has anyone considered that Trump might be just a dumbass?

The Gop tax bill Is the end of all economic sanity in Washington, which again you’d think would be a deal breaker, but maybe not. This is a place that makes Louise Linton look normal, so Trump, family and friends are of course going to take the money and run—but not before targeting a few enemies.

Armando warms up the crowd for tomorrow’s upcoming discussion/cage match vs. 34justice co-founder and blogger Ben Speilberg in the KITM Octagon, Tuesday, November 21 at 10:00 AM ET. The topic will be DNC/voting reform for 2020, and a look back at 2016 to review the need for these reforms.

Truth, justice and Mueller march on.

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