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A special, extended show today! Not what we anticipated doing on the day before Thanksgiving, but if you were driving to a relative's home today for the holiday, maybe the extra hour was appreciated. In fact, if you don't listen to anything else in the show today, make sure it's that bonus 3rd hour, because that's when we talked to Mike Hummell, known to Daily Kos readers as bluebarnstormer. He's the author of the insider's diaries on the Hostess strike, and a member of the Bakers' Union at the center of the drama. And frankly, he's the only one making a lick of common sense in this whole thing. Be sure to listen in and find out why. The standard two hours of the show weren't bad today, either! Greg Dworkin stopped by for what's become an on-air Abbreviated Pundit Roundup more than a polling roundup, now that the election is behind us. And Armando chimed in on the business and bankruptcy laws underlying the Hostess dissolution.

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