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KITM’s “Day before Thanksgiving Day” with David Waldman was performed before a live audience—in COLOR (where available):

Greg Dworkin calls the horse race between decency and politics. So far it looks like a close one. There is something about pure young girls that makes them a hot commodity for dirty old men. Yes—it is time for a reckoning.

Greg talks at length about an extraordinarily lengthy, but great article on the time-honored American political tradition of white nationalism. Here’s a little sample: 

 That this shared understanding is seldom spoken aloud does not prevent people from acting according to its logic. It is the reason why, when Trump’s Muslim ban was first implemented, immigration officials stopped American citizens with Arabic names; why agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol have pursued fathers and mothers outside of schools and churches and deported them, as the administration has insisted that it is prioritizing the deportation of criminals; why Attorney General Jeff Sessions targets drug scofflaws with abandon and has dismantled even cooperative efforts at police accountability; why the president’s voting commission has committed itself to policies that will disenfranchise voters of color; why both schoolchildren and adults know to invoke the president’s name as a taunt against blacks, Latinos, and Muslims; why white supremacists wear hats that say “Make America great again.” 

Speaking of John Conyers, he and Bernie Sanders proposed sweeping progressive solutions to fix Medicare, but why use one fell swoop when incremental swoops cause less motion sickness?

Corey Lewandowski hates when people connect him with the suspicious goings-on in his dining room

Renown sanctuary and refuge of the common people vs the privileged elite, AKA “Mar-a-Lago” used to host riff-raff like the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and the Susan G. Komen foundation, but now attracts Scott Baio-esque cream-of-the-crop like the Trumpettes, and robots having robot babies.

Presently, about half of those polled think Al Franken should resign, but co-workers, witnesses and the photographic record don’t see this is as the Al Franken they remember.

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