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It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, and you know what that means! Nothing! Except David Waldman refuses to power up the mighty KITM transmitters atop Kagro Mountain on the weekends. So, he packed today’s show with plenty to tide us over:

Fiona Hill and David Holmes delivered the message America needs to hear. Marie Yovanovitch and Lt. Col Vindman showed us what bravery and patriotism are all about.  So, we’re done now? Trump’s still standing, so he wins right? That is the angle he is going for, the one he has always gone for, and the one the Republicans seem to be going for. Donald Trump called in to Fox to talk to his hired friends and well, that’s what the word is.

Trump notes that if Marie Yovanovitch was an angel she would have built a Trump shrine in 2016. Is anything Trump says ever true? Why should it be? Lying also works when one hasn’t omitted enough truth. The impeachment inquiry didn’t obliterate the CrowdStrike story, so that’s the one Donald’s going with this week. Maybe the House should have subpoenaed, indicted and impeached everyone that deserved it when they deserved it instead of waiting until it looked and felt good.

You know what another biggest mistake in the impeachment hearings was? Not making it clear that the Trump’s main objective has been to shift blame from Vladimir Putin to Hillary Clinton. For the last two weeks Republicans have pushed the idea that Ukraine framed Russia for 2016. This was the opposite of what they said in 2016, remember when they said that? Remember? Maybe we need to review the Mueller hearings, then.

Out in the real world, real world courts wait to welcome Donald back to civilian life. Long time Trump employee Allen Weisselberg might need to receive his gold watch in the pen. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman from the Rudy Colludy gang are subpoenaed. War crimer Edward Gallagher is “welcomed back” to the Navy SEALs.

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