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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hiding from relatives? Stuck in traffic? Waiting to listen to Alice’s Restaurant, and need a way to kill time? (Or, if you’re under 4,000 years old and your parents are waiting to listen to Alice’s Restaurant, a way to cover up the noise of killing yourself?)

We've got you covered, with an all-new KITM episode, dedicated to rounding up some of the more esoteric satellite issues in the ongoing Trump-Russia saga.

What even is collusion, anyways? Does it matter, as long as you know it when you see it? Did it happen in Trump Tower in June 2016? In Moscow in June 2017? Since forever and ever? Will anyone even notice anymore? We know one group of people are noticing: the former (and maybe-still) allies of Wikileaks.

Will we ever learn where that oddly pro-Russian Gop platform plank came from? And BTW, WTF with Paul Manfort buying $1 million worth of antique rugs?

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