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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 24, 2020

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Get in. David Waldman takes the wheel and drives us another 2 hours away from the last 4 years.

Doesn’t it feel pleasant watching Donald Trump recede in our rearview mirror? He’s getting so tiny! Soon, he’ll just be an insane little dot down in Mar-a-Lago... probably, but who cares?

Today, Trump will pardon the national Thanksgiving turkey. On January 20, he’ll be dragged, kicking and screaming, sadly metaphorically, from the White House. In between, it will just be the usual bitter, corrupt bs that fewer and fewer should pay attention to. Except prosecutors. They need to listen up.

Unfortunately, objects like Donald are always closer than they appear. From now on, even landslide election wins will be challenged. Pennsylvania Republicans voted against certification of a county that Trump won by 22,000 votes.  Misinformation superspreadersWhite-power terrorists and Dimwit Republicans have more power than ever, and all of them are armed. Back in the day, Senators didn’t need a gun to win an argument, when a cane would do. Of course, guns always do it more efficiently and from a distance.

How much more real can COVID-19 get? In all 50 states deaths are higher than normal. Sturgis-borne coronavirus has spread like locusts back out to the coasts. Correspondent Brian Munroe and Dan Rather try to bring perspective to the plague.