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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a good day to give thanks for Justice Putnam, who keeps the gears turning at Netroots Radio! He gives us the flexibility to throw together a last-minute show, and maybe even knock off early for the holiday.

Which we didn’t!

One you get rolling on a show like this, you need every minute you can get!

First up, Pro-Fish Mary Peltola is coming back to Washington. Which means Sarah Palin isn’t!

On the darker side, wingnut idiots are saying terrible things about the Club Q shooting. Trumpster Dummy Jenna Ellis is pretty sure all the victims are going to hell, for starters. Which might be where the Trumpster Dummy who fathered the shooter is headed, by the way.

Reality is no barrier for Trumpster Dummies in Arizona, where Kari Lake is ramping up veiled threats in her bid to deny her loss. Rank-and-file denialists are ranting incoherently at county board hearings, and advancing the same old debunked conspiracy theories over and over again, in an endless loop.

The courtroom news isn’t getting any better for TFG. In the NY AG’s case, in a move widely interpreted as a sign of confidence, the prosecution rests earlier than expected. Elsewhere, it seems Mike Pence is making ready to testify for the DOJ.

For T-Day reading: Twitter’s former head of “Trust & Safety” has some warnings about just how bad things could get at the bird site.