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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 25, 2013

It's post-nuclear Monday! Greg Dworkin rounds up some of the fallout, points us to the WaPo's fantastic coverage of ACA enrollment stories from Kentucky, Peter Beinart's column on the weekend's Iran deal, and alerts us to the upcoming issuance of the prosecutor's report on the events of 12/14 in Newtown. WalMart's CEO retires. CNN's nuclear option coverage gives the grassroots/netroots (and me) some credit for pushing things through. Revisiting the possibility of contesting the Virginia AG election in the state legislature. More discussion of the Kentucky ACA article. Sarah Palin attempts to address the nuclear option news. Why didn't Harry Reid use this opportunity to push through the "talking filibuster"? And how long before we might see something like this on legislative filibusters? The 2005 fight offers us some insight.