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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 26, 2012

We're back, post-Thanksgiving Day, which you all know is the Pearl Harbor of the War on Christmas. Greg Dworkin joined us for the Monday Abbreviated Abbreviated Pundit Roundup. Yes, we abbreviate things twice in the mornings. We then turned our eyes back to the upcoming filibuster fight, with a review of the most recent reporting from Politico on the subject, which somehow ignored until the very last sentence of the entire article that leading Democratic proponents and leading Republican opponents of filibuster reform actually agreed on the single most important proposal, the so-called "talking filibuster." So there you have it. Modern politics and political reporting in a nutshell. Partisans are at one another's throats, threatening complete gridlock, because they agree on policy. From there, an equally amazing exploration of Fox News's troll-baiting "War on Men" article, and finally Adam Davidson's New York Times piece asserting that the genius captains of American industry are scratching their heads, wondering why highly-skilled laborers who had invested tens of thousands of dollars in their education and training were not lining up to take the fast food-level wages they were offering. What a puzzler! Maybe a tax cut will help them clear their heads. Someone get these guys some retention bonuses, ASAP!