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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 26, 2018

Republicans are right. The US is a kind of dark, scary, place. Especially considering these last couple of years. David Waldman lights the KITM lantern to guide us back to the right track:

Greg Dworkin rounds up the data that demonstrate that the Blue Wave continues to rise, and it’s now time for Democrats and progressives to behave like the winners they are, so they can keep winning. Thank you Bernie! Next.

Donald Trump picks and chooses his reality, and so does the DHS. We are seeing more and more of Putin’s playbook. Some of it is pretty easy to translate. The British takes the battle to Facebook by any means necessary.

Trump highjacked the Gop in 2016, and so that’s just how he’s been treating the party. Nancy Pelosi on the other hand, behaves with more pride of ownership. Stephen Lynch had been wrong before about Pelosi, and is beginning to see that he’s wrong again, now.