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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 27, 2018

David Waldman was going to tackle today on his own, but Armando had questions, and opinions, and he knew the best place to come with either would be KITM:

Sure, the 2018 elections ended up being pretty fun, but now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work… First why not try something stupid, self-destructive and futile? The problem is now the Problem Solvers, who have no way of winning, but lots of hostages to sell, and are ready to surrender/negotiate. The guy behind the Pelosi Putsch was Mark Penn, coiner of a million labels, including of course, No Labels.

Paul Manafort kept lying, long after he was in trouble, probably because he was hoping to get out of bigger trouble. Paulie is not getting out of trouble, and now it looks as if being Donald Trump’s mole might end up being Donald Trump’s trap. It seems Manafort pitched in on colluding in 2016 with the help of Roger Stone and Julian Assange. Which is true? Glenn Greenwald impugning The Guardian’s reputation, or pretending to be non-judgmental?